Thursday, September 30, 2004


Dumb professors for Kerry

Sometimes the academic elite are not very bright. The guys at Wizbang come up with an amazing find: some dumb prof at Utah State kept his document doctoring project on a publicly accessible folder. As dumb as that is, you gotta ask yourself how much free time does this prof have? I mean, the CBS forged docs scandal is dead and buried!


Revolution In Iran?

This is most likely another false alarm. But worth noting anyway.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Widespread voter registration fraud

Kerry Spot has had a few frightening pieces on rampant voter registration fraud. There are a few good pieces that we should all read: Florida absentee ballots being collected in person even before they are filled out, counties in several states are having a hell of a time wading through thousands of fraudulent registration applications, voter fruad in Colorado where registration requirements are incredibly lax. Oh, and there's this piece on ACT's (American's Coming Together) success in hiring felons to collect signatures.

update: Michelle Malkin is all over this stuff


"I'm Smarter than you...

and I'm voting for Kerry"

Hey guys, I thought it would be cool to design a bumpersticker to this. It would make an interesting parody. Any design ideas?

BillO and I have often talked about this bizarre phenomenon that many liberals seem to really think they are smarter than the rest of us, and that this intellectual superiority should translate into political deference. I remember a letter to the editor in the local paper claiming that since university professors and reporters are largely democrats and since they are much smarter than us and/or better informed on the issues then the democratic party is the intellectuallly 'correct' party. These sort of things pop-up often. I saw a bumpersticker (apparently not a parody) that read "Democrats: the thinking person's party."

This is a general line of observation and criticism that I'd like to persue. Pls contribute your own observations on this intellectual arrogance. For instance Teresa is a veritable font of arrogant statements.

These two at NRO are a good place to start. And here's a great quote from Ann Richards, who lost the governorship to Bush in 1994, "The president speaks in terms that are so simple on the most complex issues that it sort of leaves you with your mouth hanging open." This is meant of course to be an insult, but I've always admired those who can condense complex issues to simple terms. Also, a truly decisive individual doesn't need to condiser 256 shades of grey before making a decision. A fact which is sorely lost on JFKerry and the intellectual elitist lefties.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Photo Caption Contest

C'mon guys we can't let that great photo of Rather and Castro go without comment! Let's start a caption contest.

I'll start:
"...a little lower...lower...yeah, Fidel, that's the spot!"

"yes comrade, from up here the workers do look like little ants!"

"Danny, stop it, you're looking left!"

"Winners of the three-left-legged race"

"Nice shirt Dan, but you need to wear green to hide from the rebels."


Rather duped again

Via instapundit, to ratherbiased: apparently CBS ran a story tonight (I think this is the video link, don't know where to find transcript) playing up fears that were drummed up in an internet hoax email that easily debunks. Once again the CBS story so negligent of pertinent facts (like failing to mention that the only two bills designed to reinstate the draft were sponsored by democrats) that it is hard to imagine that this low bar for news reporting is merely due to lassitude.

CBS is trying really hard to put 'W' on the defensive about something, anything, real or imaginary ("fake but accurate").


Discriminatory Law Enforcement?

I hate DUI checkpoints, but this is ridiculous.


Top Political Web Sites

A listing culled from can be found here. Brain Droppings hasn't broken the top 125 yet. The top site is Drudge. I can't discern whether the majority of the top sites are liberal or conservative, appears to be evenly distributed. For instance is Drudge convervative? The liberals would say so but I think it's middle of the road (whatever gives Matt Drudge the most publicity). We've heard recently (from the MSM) that right-wingers are controlling the blogoshpere, I don't think that thesis is support by this listing.


France Chooses Sides

France openly joined the Kerry anti-US aliance yesterday. By implicitly legitimizing the "insurgents'" demand that the US withdraw from Iraq, they have raised the stakes as well. It is long past time for the Bush administration demonstrate to France who's who in the world. And very publicly and undiplomatically show them what's what.

Monday, September 27, 2004


The Iraq as Guadalcanal Analogy and the Future

Wretchard writes another thought provoking post.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Priceless picture from an article on more CBS bs.
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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Allah does it again

This says it all.

Friday, September 24, 2004


Isolationism by Spite

This article (un: juppi, pswd: juppi) explains Israel's apparent victory over Palestinian terrorists and offers important lessons for America.

In procecuting the Iraq war, Bush had to choose between trying to secure a domestic concensus for war or trying to assemble broad international support for it; the two were mutually exclusive.

An important observation from the article:

"The price Israel has paid for its victory has been sobering. Arafat may be a pariah, but Israel is becoming one, too. Increasingly, the legitimacy of Jewish sovereignty is under attack"

One could easily replace Israel/Jewish with America/American and be describing America's position two years hence. One way or another, this is probably our future. Unfortunately, Kerry's despicable scorched earth campaign is doing everything it can to hasten this day.

Do the Democrats honestly believe that the blessing of the UN is required for America to create alliances with foreign nations? What of American sovereignty? Do they really think American alliances are illegitmate if formed under a Republican president? How can America ever again forge any druable alliances if they are viewed by foreign governments as strictly partisan affairs?

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Renamed: DNC and CBS vs. RNC and Swift Boat Vets

Earlier today someone posted an article titled "More Evidence of DNC Memogate".

I spent a good chunk of time composing a reply which I submitted and verified as posted to the blog. Now both have been deleted.

What's up???

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Atkins strikes from the grave! Mwwaahahahaha

I just noticed this is the first non-political post on our little Blog.

I started following the Atkins diet at the end of January, 2003. In 5 months I lost 40 lbs (18 kg.). I need to lose another 40 but have been unable to restart the diet until recently. (I hate not being able to drink beer in the summer) So I am at it again. I need it. The future wife and I spent a week at an all inclusive resort in Turkey. Hard to miss your noon beer when all you have to do is walk 25 meters from the beach. The food was amazing. Anyway, I just joined a health club which I am going to go to as soon as my gout stops bothering me. Oh, and here is the article:


The Unintended Concequences of Obstructionism

The UN alliance with the Democratic Party

I planned to outline my disgust with the UN, but Victor Davis Hanson does a better job than I could have done.

As Annan's remarks to the BBC and his speech about the 'rule of law' make clear, he is openly in Kerry's corner. (I especially liked the part about the war on terror encroaching "unnecessarily on civil liberties" - never mind the 50 million who now enjoy them for the first time in history thanks to Bush's leadership.) Dick Morris notes how this actually helps Bush.

It is obvious that the UN bureaucrats and the Democrats are closely allied, both politically and ideologically. They are fiercely resistant to change of any kind and deeply resent any challenge to their common ideology, Transnational Progressivism. Hanson is right that the assumptions upon which this world view rests are being questioned on all fronts, especially here in the US. And the harder they resist this, the worse it gets for them.

In an ironic way, their behavior has been been counter productive for their world view. As Kerry's campaign moves left, Bush's support grows. More Americans than ever are aware of the TP agenda, and they don't like what they see. The world is changing rapidly and radically, driven by historical forces beyond the anyone's control. Bush is one of the few international leaders who understands this and is actively trying to shape these changes. But both the UN and Democrats, by looking backwards, acting hysterical when their worldview is challenged and failing to produce any serious counter arguments, have abdicated any role they might have played in shaping the future. In essence, they've ceded power to Bush.

A second term for Bush would be good thing, both for America and the world. But we'd all be better off in the long run if those who don't like his policies would proffer serious alternatives rather than offering yet more obstructionsim.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Terry McAuliffe...

is now suggesting (on FNC) that the White House and RNC need to answer questions about where the forged docs came from. Astounding.

Interesting that the DNC can disregard any suggestion of collusion between the DNC and the forged documents as silly, in spite of the phone calls between Joe Lockhart and Burkett and the prescient timing of the "fortunate son" Bush attack ad. But, allegations of collusion between the RNC and the Swiftvets for Truth are serious and need to be investigated.


Kerry's press conference

Mostly paraphrasing as I speed type to Kerry on FSN (unfortunately I can't hear the questions):

"the problem is that even Kofi Annan considers this illegal..Annan offered help, Bush didn't accept it, then desparately went back begging for help

I have ONE position on position

the president wants to shift the topic

Bush didn't do diplomacy

didn't exhaust regimen of inspections

did not go to war as a last resort

this president chose to spurn the UN, to spurn other countries, he didnt' tell the truth, that this would cost $200 million

this [post-war Iraq] has been incompetently handled, mismanaged

I believe there was a better judgment to make and I said so all along

yesterday I laid out a plan for how we can be successful in Iraq, that's leadership....the president slowly moves to little pieces of it...I believe I have showed more leadership on this than the president.

I can do a better job of telling the truth to the american people.
this president is in denial, terrorists are pouring across the boarder [into Iraq].

(another comment on 'rush' to war...)

I've always said the minute that shooting [in Iraq] starts I'm in 100% support of doing what we do.

in my judgement and in the judgement of many many experts we are less safe, terrorism has increased.

We left Bush with the strongest economy in American history, he has reversed that...I have a plan to reduce the deficit by half.

We must succeed [presumably in the war]...this president is not taking the steps necessary, why aren't the Iraqi police trained...We've got countries that the president hasn't even talked to who can help.

Every step of the way [in the iraq war] I laid out what needs to be done and the president slowly takes steps toward it."

Well that's it. I'm not sure what prompted this press conference but I guess it was just a rebuttal to Bush's speech at the UN which I didn't hear. All in all JFKerry sounded aggressive (must be Carvill's influence) and angry. He spoke with an assertiveness that would make uninformed actually believe some of the things he claimed.

You can judge for yourself the veracity of many of JFKerry's claims ("I have one position on Iraq, one."), he referred often to a speech he made yesterday (that must have been a doosy, too bad I missed it). And he seems to be claiming that for the past few years he, personally, laid out the plan for success in Iraq and slowly and begrudgingly the President is following his advice. An interesting claim for a guy who missed upwards of 70% of intelligence committee meetings.

Monday, September 20, 2004


"Fake but Accurate" again

Stunningly, I'm still hearing commentators claim that the fundamental truth, that Bush received favorable National Guard treatment, is undeniable, it's just that we can't actually prove it (details...details).

Also, the WSJ has a couple editorials regarding the story, that JohnO picked up on last week, that Annan claims the Iraq war is "illegal".

Here's one, here's the other. (these might be subscription only)


CBS: "...without favoritism" !!

Dan Rather's apology is here. Amazingly he claims that it was an error made in "good faith" and "without fear or favoritism"! I called CBS News at (212) 975-4321 (love that free long-distance!) to express my outrage. When my call was picked up and I launched into my tirade I was immediately transferred to a busy signal. I guess they're getting a lot of calls!

Knowing that CBS already dug their own grave, I think they just started shovelling their own dirt into it. They blamed their source and claimed they were duped. And this claim that they were trying to act without favoritism is just ridiculous. They had ONE chance to do issue a sincere apology and clean-up this whole mess. They blew it. CBS is dead- they will become the Arthur Anderson of the news media.

Will CBS apologize to the Pres.? That would help, in my eyes, but that's about as likely as JF Kerry apologizing for trashing our troops during Vietnam.


CBS figures out they got duped

CBS News Concludes It Was Misled on National Guard Memos, Network Officials Say

It seems that all roads lead to Burkett. Anybody know the penalty for forgery in the state of Texas? Death? Yeah, I thought so.

For me, the funniest part was the third to last paragraph:

Mr. Howard also said in the interview that the White House did not dispute the veracity of the documents when it was presented to them on the morning of the report. That reaction, he said, was "the icing on the cake'' of the other reporting the network was conducting on the documents. White House officials have said they saw no reason to challenge documents being presented by a credible news organization.

So a lack of a denial is an admission of guilt.

Mr. Rather, do you still beat your wife?

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Welcome new readers!

OK, maybe just one new reader, but hey it's a start! Who'd a thought that our little 'ol political conversation would obtain a following? We do welcome all comments, let's hope that we can all learn a few things, keep it clean and maintain respect for all!

keep on bloggin!

Friday, September 17, 2004


Kerry Turns Left

The Democrats' New Alliance

"We lost," contends Kos. Iraq, he concludes, "is worse than Vietnam."

This seems part of a reprehensible Democratic strategy to create political capital out of the security situation in Iraq, especially the recent increase in American casualty rates. Kerry today claimed we are running low on soldiers and accused Bush of having a secret plan for the mobilization of the National Guard, to be implemented after the election. Pelosi charged Bush with decieving Americans over Iraq and again questioned his competence. No doubt the rest of the Democrats and their operatives are planning similar avenues of attack.

The damage this is doing to America is incalculable. We are paying for it in blood. Den Beste on John Kerry and Iraq:

"But on this one issue, his refusal to break character by speaking frankly, speaking to the point, has significant foreign policy ramifications. It increases doubt for Iraqis about American commitment, and therefore makes an insurgent victory seem more plausible.

And that is a victory for the insurgents. It actually does make an insurgent victory more likely."

Democrats would very much like to again talk us into quitting a war they don't like, thus vindicating their position. Remember, though our strategy in Vietnam couldn't have worked, we didn't loose the war. We quit because our morale evaporated. Enemy actions and tactics were, in large part, designed primarily to take advantage domestic dissent - it was their only strategic weapon. In this respect, Iraq is very much like Vietnam.

But the stakes are much higher this time. Our very survival as a nation probably requires definitive victory in Iraq. We can't just leave. We have taken the offensive. The Belmont Club offers a strategic military assessment. Though victory is far from certain, defeat is not imminent.

The Kerry campaign's left turn portends a tumultuous October. The Democrats have, in effect, made an alliance with our enemies in Iraq. The major media, now unmasked as overt Democratic partisans, and will spin news from Iraq in a way favorable to them. How this will affect the perception of the American elecorate remains to be seen.

The reprecussions of this election will reverberate for decades, both here and abroad. Only a resounding Bush win would change the dynamic of all this in a way beneficial to America's future. I have a hunch most Americans know this and have learned very different lessons from Vietnam than our enemies (or the Democrats for that matter). Quite literally, I'm betting that we shock the world.


Annan Sticks His Nose In

This should be getting more attention

He said it. He finally said it. After months of innuendo, Kofi Annan yesterday came right out and called the US invasion of Iraq 'illegal' during an interview with the BBC.

He also reiterated his UNSC second resolution/serious concequences bs. Never mind about the previous 17 resolutions or that the 17th was ambiguously worded so as not to rule out a US invasion; and that everyone understood this to be the case at the time. And he wants to be pedantic about this but not about Darfur - he stammers and obfuscates when asked about this. Unbelievable.

Why now? And why choose the BBC as his platform? The answers are obvious. Meddeling in our elections in this fashion is intolerable.

As I've said before, we must quit the UN and expell it from NY. At best, it serves as an impediment to US goals. It's hopelessly corrupt. It's structures were designed to handle last century's problems. It contains too many aurocracies. And France has too much power in it.

Japan and India are constantly agitating for a permenant seat on the UNSC which clearly they deserve. (Koizumi is here next week to lobby the UN.) They are serious countries that will be increasingly important in the future. Both are destined to be economic and military powers far into the future. But the UN is the wrong forum for them. Since Russia seems disgusted with the EU (the UK aside) maybe now would be a good time to consider trying to persuading these countries to form an alternative to the UN, one exclusively for democracies.

Right now, the UN is the only game in town. We need to change this. The sooner the better.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Sad and pathetic

Saw this on Drudge. Kerry supporters ripped the Bush/Cheney sign held by a 3yr old. A 3 year-old for chrissakes!


"Fake but Accurate"

I just thought this clip from the NYT was worth saving for posterity.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Death cry of snob journalism

I love this quote from Michell Malkin (which can be found here):

"As for Klein, his pajama put-down will go down in media history as the death cry of snob journalism."

Klein's quote, that a blogger is a "guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing" seems not just arrogant and snobbish but, how to put this... oh, so 1990's. Klein is clearly a believer that we can only trust those who have titles and credentials and who show up to work wearing suits. This attitude was ingrained in our parents' generation ("respect authority") but, for better or for worse, our generation and gen-X have evolved as meritocracies. We respect those who earn our respect through hard work and critical thinking, and pity those who demand it and think they deserve it because they hold some authoritative position.

The idea that information needs to be dispensed from an authority is not just ludicrous but scary in an Orwellian sort of way. And that's what Klein is grasping at. The web/Google phenomenon has washed such notions away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Thanks to Harriet for this one!
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Monday, September 13, 2004


Another Forged document?

Say it aint so...
Check out this image.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


Cox and Forkum's latest

You know we've gotta link to Cox and Forkum on a regular basis here! ...and this one too...

Starting our blog on 9/11... a date that will not live in infamy but rather be remembered as the day a great nation was called upon to lead the world toward a more secure future. Let the day be remembered as a day of birth and rebirth rather than a day of death and destruction.

May we all take a moment and whisper a prayer for those who died 3 years ago, and for those who live with the grief, and let us all resolve to do everything in our power to prevent anything like that from ever happening again!


(damn, I wish I knew how to put one of those fancy waving American flags right here!)


Welcome Gentlemen!

Hello Bill and Bill and John, et al.
I've gone and started our blog.

Feel free to suggest different names.

BTW, I love this experiment at Little Green Footballs regarding the recently uncovererd Word docs from 1973...

Keep on bloggin'

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