Friday, September 17, 2004


Annan Sticks His Nose In

This should be getting more attention

He said it. He finally said it. After months of innuendo, Kofi Annan yesterday came right out and called the US invasion of Iraq 'illegal' during an interview with the BBC.

He also reiterated his UNSC second resolution/serious concequences bs. Never mind about the previous 17 resolutions or that the 17th was ambiguously worded so as not to rule out a US invasion; and that everyone understood this to be the case at the time. And he wants to be pedantic about this but not about Darfur - he stammers and obfuscates when asked about this. Unbelievable.

Why now? And why choose the BBC as his platform? The answers are obvious. Meddeling in our elections in this fashion is intolerable.

As I've said before, we must quit the UN and expell it from NY. At best, it serves as an impediment to US goals. It's hopelessly corrupt. It's structures were designed to handle last century's problems. It contains too many aurocracies. And France has too much power in it.

Japan and India are constantly agitating for a permenant seat on the UNSC which clearly they deserve. (Koizumi is here next week to lobby the UN.) They are serious countries that will be increasingly important in the future. Both are destined to be economic and military powers far into the future. But the UN is the wrong forum for them. Since Russia seems disgusted with the EU (the UK aside) maybe now would be a good time to consider trying to persuading these countries to form an alternative to the UN, one exclusively for democracies.

Right now, the UN is the only game in town. We need to change this. The sooner the better.


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