Monday, September 20, 2004


CBS: "...without favoritism" !!

Dan Rather's apology is here. Amazingly he claims that it was an error made in "good faith" and "without fear or favoritism"! I called CBS News at (212) 975-4321 (love that free long-distance!) to express my outrage. When my call was picked up and I launched into my tirade I was immediately transferred to a busy signal. I guess they're getting a lot of calls!

Knowing that CBS already dug their own grave, I think they just started shovelling their own dirt into it. They blamed their source and claimed they were duped. And this claim that they were trying to act without favoritism is just ridiculous. They had ONE chance to do issue a sincere apology and clean-up this whole mess. They blew it. CBS is dead- they will become the Arthur Anderson of the news media.

Will CBS apologize to the Pres.? That would help, in my eyes, but that's about as likely as JF Kerry apologizing for trashing our troops during Vietnam.


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