Friday, September 24, 2004


Isolationism by Spite

This article (un: juppi, pswd: juppi) explains Israel's apparent victory over Palestinian terrorists and offers important lessons for America.

In procecuting the Iraq war, Bush had to choose between trying to secure a domestic concensus for war or trying to assemble broad international support for it; the two were mutually exclusive.

An important observation from the article:

"The price Israel has paid for its victory has been sobering. Arafat may be a pariah, but Israel is becoming one, too. Increasingly, the legitimacy of Jewish sovereignty is under attack"

One could easily replace Israel/Jewish with America/American and be describing America's position two years hence. One way or another, this is probably our future. Unfortunately, Kerry's despicable scorched earth campaign is doing everything it can to hasten this day.

Do the Democrats honestly believe that the blessing of the UN is required for America to create alliances with foreign nations? What of American sovereignty? Do they really think American alliances are illegitmate if formed under a Republican president? How can America ever again forge any druable alliances if they are viewed by foreign governments as strictly partisan affairs?


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