Friday, September 17, 2004


Kerry Turns Left

The Democrats' New Alliance

"We lost," contends Kos. Iraq, he concludes, "is worse than Vietnam."

This seems part of a reprehensible Democratic strategy to create political capital out of the security situation in Iraq, especially the recent increase in American casualty rates. Kerry today claimed we are running low on soldiers and accused Bush of having a secret plan for the mobilization of the National Guard, to be implemented after the election. Pelosi charged Bush with decieving Americans over Iraq and again questioned his competence. No doubt the rest of the Democrats and their operatives are planning similar avenues of attack.

The damage this is doing to America is incalculable. We are paying for it in blood. Den Beste on John Kerry and Iraq:

"But on this one issue, his refusal to break character by speaking frankly, speaking to the point, has significant foreign policy ramifications. It increases doubt for Iraqis about American commitment, and therefore makes an insurgent victory seem more plausible.

And that is a victory for the insurgents. It actually does make an insurgent victory more likely."

Democrats would very much like to again talk us into quitting a war they don't like, thus vindicating their position. Remember, though our strategy in Vietnam couldn't have worked, we didn't loose the war. We quit because our morale evaporated. Enemy actions and tactics were, in large part, designed primarily to take advantage domestic dissent - it was their only strategic weapon. In this respect, Iraq is very much like Vietnam.

But the stakes are much higher this time. Our very survival as a nation probably requires definitive victory in Iraq. We can't just leave. We have taken the offensive. The Belmont Club offers a strategic military assessment. Though victory is far from certain, defeat is not imminent.

The Kerry campaign's left turn portends a tumultuous October. The Democrats have, in effect, made an alliance with our enemies in Iraq. The major media, now unmasked as overt Democratic partisans, and will spin news from Iraq in a way favorable to them. How this will affect the perception of the American elecorate remains to be seen.

The reprecussions of this election will reverberate for decades, both here and abroad. Only a resounding Bush win would change the dynamic of all this in a way beneficial to America's future. I have a hunch most Americans know this and have learned very different lessons from Vietnam than our enemies (or the Democrats for that matter). Quite literally, I'm betting that we shock the world.


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