Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Kerry's press conference

Mostly paraphrasing as I speed type to Kerry on FSN (unfortunately I can't hear the questions):

"the problem is that even Kofi Annan considers this illegal..Annan offered help, Bush didn't accept it, then desparately went back begging for help

I have ONE position on Iraq...one position

the president wants to shift the topic

Bush didn't do diplomacy

didn't exhaust regimen of inspections

did not go to war as a last resort

this president chose to spurn the UN, to spurn other countries, he didnt' tell the truth, that this would cost $200 million

this [post-war Iraq] has been incompetently handled, mismanaged

I believe there was a better judgment to make and I said so all along

yesterday I laid out a plan for how we can be successful in Iraq, that's leadership....the president slowly moves to little pieces of it...I believe I have showed more leadership on this than the president.

I can do a better job of telling the truth to the american people.
this president is in denial, terrorists are pouring across the boarder [into Iraq].

(another comment on 'rush' to war...)

I've always said the minute that shooting [in Iraq] starts I'm in 100% support of doing what we do.

in my judgement and in the judgement of many many experts we are less safe, terrorism has increased.

We left Bush with the strongest economy in American history, he has reversed that...I have a plan to reduce the deficit by half.

We must succeed [presumably in the war]...this president is not taking the steps necessary, why aren't the Iraqi police trained...We've got countries that the president hasn't even talked to who can help.

Every step of the way [in the iraq war] I laid out what needs to be done and the president slowly takes steps toward it."

Well that's it. I'm not sure what prompted this press conference but I guess it was just a rebuttal to Bush's speech at the UN which I didn't hear. All in all JFKerry sounded aggressive (must be Carvill's influence) and angry. He spoke with an assertiveness that would make uninformed actually believe some of the things he claimed.

You can judge for yourself the veracity of many of JFKerry's claims ("I have one position on Iraq, one."), he referred often to a speech he made yesterday (that must have been a doosy, too bad I missed it). And he seems to be claiming that for the past few years he, personally, laid out the plan for success in Iraq and slowly and begrudgingly the President is following his advice. An interesting claim for a guy who missed upwards of 70% of intelligence committee meetings.


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