Wednesday, September 22, 2004


The Unintended Concequences of Obstructionism

The UN alliance with the Democratic Party

I planned to outline my disgust with the UN, but Victor Davis Hanson does a better job than I could have done.

As Annan's remarks to the BBC and his speech about the 'rule of law' make clear, he is openly in Kerry's corner. (I especially liked the part about the war on terror encroaching "unnecessarily on civil liberties" - never mind the 50 million who now enjoy them for the first time in history thanks to Bush's leadership.) Dick Morris notes how this actually helps Bush.

It is obvious that the UN bureaucrats and the Democrats are closely allied, both politically and ideologically. They are fiercely resistant to change of any kind and deeply resent any challenge to their common ideology, Transnational Progressivism. Hanson is right that the assumptions upon which this world view rests are being questioned on all fronts, especially here in the US. And the harder they resist this, the worse it gets for them.

In an ironic way, their behavior has been been counter productive for their world view. As Kerry's campaign moves left, Bush's support grows. More Americans than ever are aware of the TP agenda, and they don't like what they see. The world is changing rapidly and radically, driven by historical forces beyond the anyone's control. Bush is one of the few international leaders who understands this and is actively trying to shape these changes. But both the UN and Democrats, by looking backwards, acting hysterical when their worldview is challenged and failing to produce any serious counter arguments, have abdicated any role they might have played in shaping the future. In essence, they've ceded power to Bush.

A second term for Bush would be good thing, both for America and the world. But we'd all be better off in the long run if those who don't like his policies would proffer serious alternatives rather than offering yet more obstructionsim.


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