Saturday, October 23, 2004


After the California Elections, Atlas May Shrug

I'm watching TV this morning and an ad comes on for Ballot Proposition 72. This referendum would require all California businesses of more than 20 employees to provide at least 80% of their employees' health care coverage, or contribute the equivalent monies to a state administered care program. State agencies would have to raise their levels of coverage to the 80% level - costing hundreds of millions of dollars, and companies fleeing California would lead to at least hundeds of millions more in reduced tax revenue (both numbers estimated by the California Attorney General).

So back to the ad: The voiceover at the end of the commercial says, "Prop 72. Make businesses pay for health care so you don't have to."

Are people really *that* uneducated to believe that simply pushing costs onto private enterprise is a viable solution to this or any problem? Anyone who's read Ayn Rand will be getting verrry scared right about now.

And to top it off, Massachusetts is running ads trying to get businesses to relocate there. If Taxachusetts has a more favorable business environment than California, the high tech boom will not return to this state.


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