Sunday, October 17, 2004


French Whine

The French political establishment is incensed that the Duelfer Report contains the names of non-Americans implicated in the Oil-for-Food shenanigans and that the repeated denials of wrong doing issued by those named are omitted. It is interesting to note that the French ambassador doesn't even try (in this or any other news report I've seen) to refute the main charges the report levys against his counrty or to deny their substance. He just whines about the effect these allegations (revelations?) are having on France, while threatening renewed French diplomatic intransigence.

Only a moron could propose trying to repair our relationship with France by altering US behavior. France, by it's own choice, has obviously been an enemy nation for some time. It is out in the open now. We should simply acknowledge it (though Kerry and most Democrats seems incapable of this) and begin to act accordingly.

Bye the way, I love the last paragraph of the NY Times News Service article. No bias there.


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