Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Germany Offers Conditions for Joining the Coalition in Iraq

While offering unconditional support for John Kerry.

So, Germany might deploy troops to Iraq after all, just not any time soon. Only if "conditions" there change. But what conditions? When the security conditions change after Iraqi elections are successfully held, and the situation there becomes less dangerous? Or the US changes the conditions under which firms are allowed to bid on reconstruction contracts?

Clearly, the German government is eagerly anticipating a Kerry presidency, so they can attend his promised "international conference" on Iraq, where cynical non-coalition countries like Germany can all stick their hands out. And then deploy some troops to Iraq just when we are on the verge of success, thus sharing some the glory.

Kerry has called the US led coalition in Iraq "coerced and bribed." What would his be called - a coalition of the cynical, the greedy and the cowardly? For succinctness, just call it the UN.


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