Thursday, October 21, 2004


I'm not fan of Bill Clinton...

but this shows such a reckless negligence of our national security that I'm not sure I believe it, yet. Jack Cashill has put together a DVD documentary (why DVD? You mean 'Frontline' or CBS wouldn't air it?) detailing (among other things) evidence that the Atlanta Olympics Centennial Park bombing was done by Muslim terrorists. While I easily believe that theory, even I find it difficult to believe the even a low life scum like Clinton would gloss over this in order to preserve the veneer of a happy and safe USA (to ease his re-election). And instead hound the hapless Richard Jewell as the designated scape goat. Stunning to contemplate.

(Of course our loony leftist pro-Kerry readers will be screaming now that GWB is doing something equally negligent and evil with regard to Iraq.)

What do ya'll know of this Cashill guy. The reviews of his books on Amazon (here and here) are mostly very positive with a few accusations of 'right wing conspiracy theorist.'


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