Saturday, October 30, 2004


Is John Zogby in the tank for Kerry?

I was greatly dismayed this past spring when I heard that pollster John Zogby say that this race was John Kerry's to lose. First, I had come to respect Zogby's work as a pollster. He has an impressive record predicting elections. Second, because he always seemed fair to Republicans.

After absorbing what Kerry had said I was dismayed for another reason. Making such a prediction so far from the election seems wreckless for a pollster with so much that could happen between then and the election. Given this I had to consider why he would do this and, unfortunately, I had to take into account the fact that his brother is James Zogby. James is President of the Arab American Institute and an outspoken critic of President Bush's Middle East policies. In particular, his support for Israel.

It would be sad if John Zogby was skewing his polls for his brother. Given that Zogby's polls are the only national polls showing Kerry ahead at this point, either he will be a genius or a goat.

Update: Zogby appeared on the Daily Show a few days ago and announced that Kerry was going to win. No equivocation here.


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