Sunday, October 10, 2004


Jacques Chirac wants your money

Visit to Viet Nam
President Chirac 's discussion with young Vietnamese at the French cultural Center ( Hanoi ). Hanoi, October 7, 2004

That is the headline to a press release in which French President Chirac made his views known regarding US cutural hegemony. In case you missed it, " we're waging a sort of battle against American theses that, given the financial backing they enjoy, can impose themselves without State assistance." In other words, American culture is popular so they don't gov't backing.

What you might have missed in the discussion of this little tidbit was Chirac's call for global redistribution of wealth.

We are currently waging a major battle. I am particularly happy to note that two weeks ago in New York, a meeting was held at the initiative of Chile, Brazil, Spain and France that enabled us to adopt for the very first time a declaration, a commitment signed by 120 countries, which is considerable. I'm stressing this fact because I believe that the consciousness displayed at the UN, 120 countries all saying the same thing for the first time, will create a force that the United States is alone in opposing. But it won't be able to resist. The U.S. can resist 10 or 15 countries but not an internationalmovement of 120 countries that are joining together to say: Enough. There must be a better distribution of wealth
in the world, there must be a sense of necessity, of the fight against poverty...

Nice of the US to host this gathering of looters. Do we need more evidence that France has slipped into the enemy column?


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