Monday, October 11, 2004


Quick links

just thought I'd chime in with a few quick links.:

this is a great read about the significance of our upcoming election, a very skilled writer paints an excellect mental picture of what's at stake.

A post at this interesting blog, the first post on 08Oct04 titled "Listen America" is great. Thoughtful and inspiring commentary from someone in the thick of things.

Also, let's not let the significance of the recent Austalian elections escape us. Belmont Club has a good follow-up. My interest in John Howard's re-election was heightened after reading this post. (note: I can't link to the post, when I went back to the site to link to it I found this:

"This page is down due to an untrustworthy leftist scumbag whom I (mistakenly) thought could be trusted to contribute to debate fairly and decently.Access passwords were given out to other scumbags, and the site cache deleted.The site will return as soon as (whatever is left) is restored.- Mike Jericho (Man with firearms and a short temper)"
...damn leftist scumbags.) Anyway, I like his site and it's worth reading from time to time.


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