Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Summary of anti-Michael Moore movies

There are three documentaries coming out in short order concerning Michael Moore and/or Fahrenheit 9/11. Two are direct rebuttals to Moore's attacumentory and one is a more lighthearted look at Moore.

Michael Moore Hates America

This film's subtitle is "A documentary that tells the truth about a great nation." It is solely the project of the director, Michael Wilson. From the trailer and from reading Wilson's description of the film, the film is trying to rebut all of Moore's work by showing how Moore has distorted American life. The subtext of the movie is Wilson's attempt to corner Moore into an interview. This idea being copied from Moore's first film, "Roger and Me". It looks to be amusing and I greatly look forward to seeing this. Wilson has an interview with Penn Jillette which looks very interesting.

Celsius 41.11

This, like the next film Fahrenhype 9/11, is a direct response to Moore's F 9/11. I noticed some footage that comes directly from the website. Good footage that was shot at protest marches that the guys from protestwarrior had surreptitiously filmed or directly crashed with their own homemade signs. (I own several of their t-shirts which are products of their signs, my favorite being "Hey France, why don't you shut the hell up, we'll protect civilization") All the irrational anger caught on film. You can see this video at the protestwarrior website but I am interested to see how it is used in the context of this film. This movie, like Wilson's will be shown in Theaters. I think it is a mistake to try and get a movie like this into theaters because its impact will be diminished after the election. Wilson's film is more timeless in the sense that it covers Moore's body of work and will serve as a reminder of what Michael Moore represents.

FahrenHYPE 9/11

This looks to be the slicker of the the two F 9/11 rebuttals. They also have already released the film on DVD via The film is narrated by Dick Morris (the political operative and Clinton nemesis) and includes many interviews with Moore critics David Frum, Dave Kopel, David Hardy and Jason Clarke. Foreign policy expertise from Frank Gaffney and Steven Emerson. It looks to be a very deep critique. Interviews with Zell Miller and Ed Koch promise to be especially entertaining. And it has the virtue of being available to the public 10 days before Fahrenheit 9/11.

Check out all of these websites and look at the trailers. I have a feeling Moore will soon reach his nadir. Moore's formula has been a strong dose of ridicule reinforced with selective editing. We will see if he stands up to the "Moore treatment".


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