Monday, October 18, 2004


What's the deal with 'port security'?

It seems Kerry sees a weak spot in the war on terror by attacking Bush for not making our ports more secure. What's ya'lls take on that? Is Kerry going for the 'port vote' predominant in battleground (NOT!) states of NJ, NY and CA? Maybe it will swing the FL vote. This arguments sounds like nitpicking to me. In a sense it is also praising Bush's success b/c the only think Kerry et al can complain about regarding the WOT is this obscure port issue.

PS: WOW! I'm listening to Richard Holbrooke spin an absolutely incredible ('incredible' as in 'unbelievable') attack against Bush and his policies and pro Kerry. Holbrooke has become another one of the zombies who believe that by repeating a lie often enough it will become truth.


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