Saturday, October 02, 2004


Why Bush is going to win big, the loony left

There are more than a few on the left who see the GWoT as another imperialistic chapter in AmeriKa's sordid history. Thank goodness, there are some on the left who do not. Christopher Hitchens, formerly of the Nation magazine, has done more and sacrificed most in this battle for the intellectual high ground on the left. Like a the former fellow traveler, David Horowitz, Hitchens has used his knowledge of the leftist mindset to great use in his critique of the anti-war position. I should say that Hitchens has not completely abandoned his leftist leanings to his credit and, I think, adding to his credibility.

This article is a follow up to a previous attempt to explain why the left should support Sadr (Bring Najaf to New York, The Nation). In my arguments with those on the left I sometimes run into assumptions which I find incredible. If I thought that our purposes in Iraq were to steal their oil or subjugate the people, do they think I would support this? Do they think I am so stupid as to be blind to such a policy if it were in place? Well, we know that answer to that question.

This is why Sadr is being hunted--not because he is a threat to women's rights but because he is the single greatest threat to US military and economic control of Iraq. Even after Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani backed down from his opposition to the handover plans, fearing civil war, Sadr continued to oppose the US-drafted Constitution, continued to call for the withdrawal of foreign troops and continued to oppose US plans to appoint the interim government rather than hold elections. If Sadr's demands are met and the country's fate is truly left in the hands of the majority, US military bases in Iraq will be in serious jeopardy, as will all the privatization-friendly laws pushed through by Bremer.
Of course, events have a way of outrunning ideology.
All this leaves us with one question, which ideology are the majority of Americans going to support? I thought so. And there are enough Democrats who know that the moonbats are nuts and that they will have another shot at it in 4 years. The loud thud you hear on November 3rd will be this reality landing on the millions of loony leftists who thought they were a majority.


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