Monday, November 08, 2004


Hatred on the left

I am part of a messageboard that is one of my fields of interest. That is as far as I will go in its description because I want to share some of the posts on this board that I find very revealing of the attitude that some on the left have for America. I consider some of these people to be my friends so it is very disturbing to see the level of hatred.

I haven't been on this board in freaking forever, so I'm sure this has been
gone over before. But I figure with the election so close, it's a decent enough
topic. THe closer this election gets, the more and more concerned I become. If
Bush wins it won't be a simple matter of "we'll get them next time." I will be
incredibly upset. At this point, I don't want to meet up with one side of my
family because they are mostly Bush voters, and I simply cannot face that. I
believe that voting Republican is more than a bad choice, it's actually a
personality flaw. At best, I regard voting for Bush a severe lack of reasoning
capabilities; at worst I consider it a serious moral deficiency. If Bush wins, I
simply will not be able to regard him as "my president" and give him the
"respect his office holds."

I've considered the option of moving to another country, but I probably
won't. If Bush wins it will be time to double efforts to make direct political
action a major force that cannot be ignored. If Bush wins I will likely just
become more active politically, in a direct way. I don't know what form that
will take. If Bush wins there will likely be a world-wide uprising. Probably not
immediate, or in direct reaction to the election, but soon, and in reaction to
his entire presidency. It will view the U.S. less as a lazy country,
politically, which allowed a violent zealot to be elected, and more and more as
a dangerous country which willingly re-elected a violent zealot to lead them

I honestly can't imagine waking up Wednesday in a world where Bush has four
more years. I will very likely be depressed for a time. I will be very
disillusioned and this passion that I have for our politics will be completely
snuffed out. The thing is, the goal is so clear here. The enemy is so easily
typecast (by his own actions) I can't wrap my brain around the mentality that it
takes to not see this. And because things are so easily black and white right
now, I am hopeful and have a faith in the American Political System that I
haven't ever had before. I would grieve for myself and for my country, if this
is proven to be a fallacy. So, it would be a black time for me, for a while and
then I would eventually move on and get distracted by the busy activities of my
daily life. And intentionally drug my brain and my conscience with relaity tv,
dvd sets and online video games. Also, I will physically assault anyone who
actually crows about a Bush victory. I have also had to re-evaluate my feelings
about some of my family members because of this. the things that I hear them
say, to back Bush up are riddled with factual innacuracies and FOXNews talking
points. (In less thant 24 hours after they were revealed to be lost, my
grandmother was parroting the FOXNews "How can we have lost WMDs if there never
were any in the first place?" bullshit.) I am not buying an airline ticket home
yet. I can't imagine spending the holidays with relatives that I have lost so
much respect for. Maybe I will feel different on the 3rd. I sure hope so. We'll

It really IS that divided in my family. And as much as I would love to just
take the "Ah well, they're family" philosophy, it is simply not applicable to
mine. Believe me, as strongly as I state my views here, they do the same via the
internet to me, daily. I get assailed with forwards, not actual writings, mind
you, but bucket loads of glurge trying to tell me that "Kerry is a flip flopper
and here's why..." to "Don't vote for Kerry, because the Clintons had their
enemies killed off!!!" It's hard to respect and love people who are so
shamelessly ignorant. I used to think of my grandmother as a wise old lady. I
have had to re-adjust my views because of this election. And the day when she
realizes how wrong she is and how bad Bush is for our country, will come far too
late. Her vote will already have been cast and contributed to the mess that we
will have to wade through on Nov. 3rd.

I'm from Minnesota and I was raised in a Christian family. Everyone in my
extended family is a christian ranging from moderate to fundmentalist. Guess
were the fundamentalists live? In the country. Guess were the moderates live? In
the suburbs. I live in NYC. Most of the time I'm the only white guy on the
train. I live in a real polish neighborhood where no one speaks english. On my
corner alone, I buy pizza from two mexican guys, chicken sandwiches from arabs
and chinese from...the chinese. Isolated? Nope. NYC votes democratic for a
reason. People here are exposed to every culture under the sun. Most republicans
are white folks from the suburbs, where they aren't exposed to other cultures
and perspectives. They only know about those from what they see on TV and that's
pretty stereotypical. I happen to enjoy a varitey of viewpoints, where as I'm
not impressed with the generic, myopic suburbs and big, dumb white fellas like
yourself. You talk a big game like O'reilly and Hanniety, but try that phoney
alpha male BS in Harlem, Pine Ridge, Compton or the southside of Chicago. You
wouldn't last a second. People in rural and suburban areas that vote for Bush
out fear and the need for security have a distorted view of reality. They're
suckers. Too bad. Living without fear is a hoot.

Where does this anger come from? I have some ideas, I think our country is ill served by its colleges and universities. So much bile is served to young Americans that some of it is bound to stick. If Republicans allow the blame America first crowd a monopoly on higher education then you can expect to see a militant minority of our youth who will be completely alienated from their country. I don't think we can survive as a nation if this continues unchecked. There are some who are trying to counter leftist dogma in our universities.


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