Friday, November 12, 2004


Political Theater/Using wounded soldiers

I saw a post on the message board that shall remain nameless the other day that really bothered me. It took me a couple of days to hash out the reason why. Here is the post and my response.

Original post

Eighteen U.S. and five Iraqi soldiers have died since the assault began on Monday and 178 U.S. soldiers have been wounded, the military said in a statement in Baghdad. Two planes ferried 102 seriously wounded soldiers from Iraq (news - web sites) to the main U.S. military hospital in Germany on Thursday, joining 125 who arrived between Monday and Wednesday, a spokeswoman said. "This is one of our peak periods. We are very busy. It is more than we have seen in the last couple of months because we used to admit about 30 patients a day," hospital spokeswoman Marie Shaw said

These aren't cuts and bruises either, it's life changing stuff. 200! Think about it.

My response

I have always been cowed by reports of casualities. What do you say when good men have been hurt or killed in a war that you support. There is nothing that seems appropriate to the level of sacrifice. I know when you post these articles you are not doing it to honor these men. You are doing it to rub it in the face of those of us who have supported the war. You are saying, "Look at what your war has done? Do you feel happy about what you are supporting has done to young men?" It is the equivalent of marching outside of am abortion clinic with a butchered fetus poster. It is political theater and you should be ashamed for using these men just as Michael Moore should be ashamed of using their suffering. If you want to honor them, don't make it poltical. Don't say,

These aren't cuts and bruises either, it's life changing stuff. 200! Think about it.

...that is wrong. I think about these terrible wounds done for a cause and I know that these men are doing a job that needs to be done. For that I am grateful. You should be, too.


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