Saturday, November 27, 2004


Recordable DVDs?

Hey guys,
Our VCR croaked so I'm thinking about getting one of those new-fangled, fancy-dancy, recordable DVD/VCR combos. The idea is to be able to record home movies onto DVD so we can send them to the grandparents and keep them for posterity. Do you know if the recording format on these players is compatible with standard DVD players? I just wasted 5minutes trying to 'chat' with Gateway to get an answer but still have no response from them.

Any recommendations? Amazon seems to have a good selection and good prices.

Happy Holidays!

Bill C,


I would buy them separately. My experience with products that combine two in one is that it leaves more to go wrong. I think you would be better off price wise, also. Better yet, buy a DVD player and borrow a VCR from Bill O. I know he likes outdated technology. ;-)
From Billo:
Ha! That shows what YOU know. My VCR broke two weeks ago so right now I *don't* like outdated technology. Pffft.

I would agree with BillC that buying separate components is a better way to go for the reason he mentioned, but I think it would be slightly more expensive rather than less. If you get separate components, you can still connect them together to move VHS movies onto DVDs. It just might take a little more effort in terms of pushing buttons and synchronizing. The recording formats should be compatible w/standard DVD formating.

If you get the DVD recorder by Wednesday, can you record the Illinois-Wake Forest game for me? I'm going to be on a plane. You'd have to record it on DVD since my VCR really is broken...


OK, matto again,
what I was really getting at was the compatibility issues of recordable DVD and standard DVD players such as the run-of-the-mill grandparently type person would have. So let's try again:

Do any of ya'll know anything about the compatibility of recorded DVDs with regular DVD players?



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