Monday, January 24, 2005


My wife is pregnant!

I am going to be a Dad! The doctor confirmed that she is a little over 2 months pregnant. So one down and four more to go to catch up to Matt.

Our first indication was from a home pregnancy test on Christmas morning. I have never had a better Christmas present. Right now, she is in her home town of Saratov, Russia. She will have the baby there. Most of her family is there and they have a doctor she likes. Also, she (and her mother) thinks Moscow is too expensive to have a baby. It would cost something like $2500 including delivery at a private hospital. Yes, cheap in my book and I said that she shouldn't think about the money but what would be best for her and the baby. She is very frugal, I don't want her to lose that trait, but I just want her to get the best.

One more Republican voter in eighteen years, seven months.


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