Sunday, January 30, 2005


Tim Russert brings up Kerry's military record

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Russert is grilling John Kerry on his claim to have been in Cambodia on Christmas eve, 1968. Kerry's response is that his boat was on the Cambodian border that night. It was another night when he was in Cambodia and he got the two nights mixed up. With regards to the claim by Steve Gardner that Kerry was not in Cambodia in December 1968 or January 1969, Kerry claimed Gardner did not know when they were in Cambodia because, " wasn't his job." So Kerry claims he went into Cambodia, that "Special Ops guys" were on the boat and that one of them gave Kerry his hat which Kerry still has.

I know that I would like to let this drop and if Kerry said that he made a mistake and he was not in Cambodia then it might just fade as an issue. (It certainly faded immediately after Kerry was forced to acknowledge he was not in Cambodia in Christmas, 1968. I don't remember if Kerry ever addressed the issue during the campaign in public) I credit Russert for asking the question. Will any reporter pursue Kerry on this question?


I missed a big detail. Kerry said he delivered weapons to the Khmer Rouge? When will this guy learn to shut up?


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