Monday, February 21, 2005


Anglicans Could Face Schism Over Gay Priests

A bruising debate over homosexuality in the Anglican church has damaged the faith worldwide, perhaps permanently, its spiritual leader the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams warned, saying there was no 'cost-free outcome' to the issue.

In my post of of December 28th, 2004 (The next great schism), I spoke about the left's influence on the Episcopal church. It is tremendously sad that leftist members of the church continue to push for greater license but you can hardly blame them. They have been so successful in the past perhaps they believed that there would be only token opposition to openly gay priests.

Last month, U.S. Episcopalian bishops expressed regret for having consecrated Robinson but said they needed more time to respond to a call to halt such ordinations and stop blessing same-sex marriages.

Regret? Did the more liberal Episcopal bishops not antipate the reaction of the Anglican communion? Did they not believe the cries of outrage? Did they not witness the decline of the Epsicopal church in the US and perhaps wonder why?

The Rev. Robert Duncan, bishop of Pittsburgh, in a speech from the podium just after the results were announced at 8 p.m., said he and other conservative bishops were "filled with sorrow." The Episcopal Church, he said, "has departed from the historic faith and order of the Church of Jesus Christ."

For too long the Episcopal church has been governed by those with a progressive agenda. None of what they have wrought since their ascendency in the 1970's has done anything but drive people away from the church. They have a problem with labelling anything as wrong. It is sad to say but I think they are too well entrenched to be removed. We can only pray.


"Supporting gay rights may be more important than unity within the worldwide Anglican Communion, Newark Episcopal Bishop John Croneberger told 600 people..."

"Putting those two statements together leads to either or both of two conclusions: 1) Griswold's signature on a piece of paper is worthless, because he will sign anything to get what he wants, whether it expresses what he thinks or not. 2) Griswold doesn't care about the future of the Anglican Communion, knowing that Robinson's consecration "will tear the fabric of our Communion at its deepest level" and planning on going ahead with it anyway.

In either case, Griswold is certainly not a man to be trusted with leadership in the ECUSA. If there is any way to depose him from the primatial office, proceedings should start immediately, IMHO."

Adequate Episcopal Oversight


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