Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Cole vs. Goldberg II

Be careful Jonah! Juan's got backup.

Jonah Goldberg has responded to Juan Cole's debate challenge. I'm telling you, this will not end well for Professor Cole. Cole's response is straight out of the third grade:

I challenged Goldberg to a public debate on the Middle East, since that was the subject on which he attacked me. His response was not, quite frankly, the response of a man to a challenge. He wanted to put on all kinds of pissant conditions on the subject of the debate. It is sort of as though Wyatt Earp challenged a bad guy to a shootout after the outlaw burped rotgut whiskey in his face and called him a wimp. And when Earp challenges the black hat, the guy turns to jelly and says, "O.K., but you can't use that Colt, it has to be little bitty derringers like the one I use to shoot people in the back at night."

Now the ball is back in Jonah's court. Do I expect him to take the challenge? You bet I do. Cole is arrogant. I doubt he has much experience in front of a large audience debating issues. I have seen Goldberg make fools of people on shows like Crossfire. If Cole tries to pull one of these weak metaphors out of his pocket he will choke on it, guaranteed. The reason I am confident is that public debating is much different than exchanging written barbs via the internet. You have time to think about what you are going to say. Not so on stage. There is a reason that Presidential candidates put a lot of thought into the forum, structure and even the height of the podiums for debates. Can Cole match Goldberg's wit? What does Cole sound like on camera? Will he get nervous when the crowd is not automatically in his favor? Cole makes it clear what he wants:

I should be clear that I am not interested in wasting any more time on Goldberg's illogicality in print. If he will not agree to a debate this spring without any conditions or restrictions on subject matter, then I wash my hands of him.

Goldberg should give it to him.


Dusty Attic comments on Juan Cole's comments.

Because this back and forth is getting unwieldy, here are the chain of events/articles:

1) Goldberg starts it with a paragraph on Cole at the end of this article.
2) Cole responds.
3) Goldberg first responds in the Corner and then with a full article.
4) Cole's turn.
5) Goldberg's latest a/o today.

In today's NRO Corner, Goldberg posts that a "Consensus has emerged" that JG should drop this feud because it is going nowhere. Cole is being an ass and there is no more to argue. To which I say DON'T LET THIS GO! Jonah, if I my be familiar, this guy will take your gentleman's offer of stalemate as an opportunity to say that YOU wisely surrendered to his superior intellect. You have the opportunity to take down a leftist clown of the highest order. There is no surrender! Take his challenge and beat him like a red-headed step child.


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