Friday, February 25, 2005


Fetus Blogging

That's him or her.

We went to the American Medical Clinic in Moscow for a sonogram. The French doctor told us that the length of the baby indicates it is 14 weeks old. He snapped a few shots for us, including the one above. We saw the baby moving and listened to its heartbeat. It was a real thrill for me and made the idea that I am going to be a dad much more tanglible. In this picture you can see the top of its head and arms and hands.

This is a picture of the sonogram photo that I took with my Sony DSC-T1. At the risk of sounding like instapundit, I like this camera for its utility. Very easy to carry around and to turn on if there is a quick shot or video that you want to take. The downside is that you must buy Sony proprietary memory cards which are more expensive than the standard universal memory cards that work for most other brands. The doctor measured the head and neck to check for Down syndrome. If the neck is above a certain thickness then that would indicate Down's. The baby checked out as healthy.

My wife decided she wanted to know if it is a boy or a girl but I want to be surprised. Now she is teasing me with this information. "Maybe we should buy blue baby clothes? What do you think?" I am happy to have a healthy child. I know she wants a girl to dress up. I found out from my mother that I was always dressed in the latest baby fashions as a child. I must have rebelled because I have absolutely no interest in fashion.


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