Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Happy Birthday Ayn Rand

From Cox & Forkum

I did not discover Ayn Rand until I was 30 years old. Bill O was looking to sell his 1991 Lotus Elan and I decided I would take it off his hands. Since he was in San Jose and I was in Chicago, that meant a roadtrip. That was the first and last time I drove across country from west to east. On the way, via Phoenix to visit my Grandmother, I stopped at a truck stop and was looking through their large selection of books on tape. That is where I found Atlas Shrugged. Yes, I listened to it before I read it. The book made the drive very enjoyable. It took me two days of 12+ hour driving to reach Chicago. After each stop I could not wait to get back in the car and hear the rest of the story. I have read some of her other pieces of fiction and non-fiction but none give me that soaring feeling like Atlas Shrugged.

P.S. I am sure that feeling was enhanced by driving a Lotus on near deserted highways at slightly above the speed limit.


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