Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Some professors back Harvard's Summers

Desperately lonely feminist Rachel Popkin joins students protesting against Harvard University President Lawrence Summers outside a faculty meeting at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts February 22, 2005. Faculty supporters and opponents of Summers spoke at the meeting following Summers recent controversial remarks on women in the sciences that have evolved into a wider debate on Summer's leadership of the university.

"In my 41 years at Harvard, I have never experienced a president more open to debate, disagreement, and dialogue than Larry Summers," wrote Dershowitz, adding that "professors who are afraid to challenge him are guilty of cowardice."

It seems like Larry Summers has a defender or two at Harvard. (Hat tip: Belmont Club) Well, maybe. That's nice. It would be nice to have that kind of freedom for the students but that won't be on the agenda. Students who go to the more elite/wacky schools will have to live with speech codes and various disincentives to speaking their minds.

Bookworm's links discussing academic freedom.


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