Monday, February 14, 2005


Will Kerry run again?

We can only hope.

John Kerry has an amazing ability to blame other people for his mistakes and then to take credit for everything that goes right. His performance on Meet the Press two weeks ago is classic Kerry. He tells Russert how close he was in Ohio, a mere 60,000 votes but does not mention how close he was to losing in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Thank heaven for opponents like Democrats.

But, this is where my natural Old School Republican pessimism gets aired, the Republicans are in charge now and I see a lot of white water ahead. Cribbing from Rush, I think the Dem strategy right now is to play up scandals hoping that something will stick and as strategies go, this is not a bad idea. Not that this hasn't been tried before. They don't have much else to go with. My personal opinion is that the economy will be the issue. More on this later.

Right now, us wingnuts should be optimistic and the Bush administration should be thinking big. Fortunately, this is exactly what is happening.


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