Friday, March 18, 2005


BANNED, again

This is the third time I have been banned from the Politico board at the Chicago Improv Network. (Poltico requires password) Like my previous bannings this came without warning. As you might have guessed most improvisers, at least the ones that are vocal, are on the left. Sometimes really far to the left as I have posted before on this blog. Imagine turning on your family for no other reason than you have different political beliefs than they do. I am absolutely positive that these people were indoctrinated in college or university by the likes of Ward Churchill. More proof that intelligent people can be blinded by ideology. (I am currently reading this book)

The difference with this banning is that I am banned completely from the site. I can view the boards, except politico, as long as I don't log in but I cannot post anything on the site. I must have really p.o. somebody and I think I know why. One of my previous bannings came when I posted something derogatory about Rachel Corrie immediately after her death. I said that she was a useful idiot and her death is a shame but she put herself in harms way. I have little regard for her actions or her cause. In honor of the second aniversary of her death I posted the same and added that I thought she was a saint in the secular religion which is leftism.

You must be asking why bother debating anything on the internet, I know Bill O has told me his opinion on the subject: it's a waste of time. There were a couple of liberals who were reasonable. A couple of the bigger moonbats had left the board I would like to think because they did not want to deal with someone challenging them. In all, I could ignore the worst of it or give back as good as I got and I must admit I enjoy the challenge of forming arguments and debating. It was good fun for me.

I am sure what tipped it this time was my disdain for Ms. Corrie/St. Pancake. There are certain subjects you could not broach and her death was considered a tragedy emblematic of everything wrong with the U.S. foreign policy. Each of these young heads full of mush could see themselves in Ms. Corrie. Her martyrdom taken for granted. And I think they are right. She was exactly what is wrong with our educational system. What kind of schools produce zealots who hate their country? The schools to which you are sending your kids! Thank God for Ward Churchill. Every new detail about his life the lying, manipulation, threats of violence, everything is a huge advertisement for our politicized secondary education system. If you have ever wondered why your grandson is such a sullen little brat. Why can't stand your bourgeouise attitude then look no further than the little Churchill's who teach him to hate this great country. (I really hate that this turd of a human being has the same last name as Winston)

I think I will use this opportunity to mention Only you can stop a brainwashing in the guise of an education.

There is a big opportunity in comedy for conservative points of view. I think I will use my time away from the trenches on the politico board to write that great musical exposing hypocrisy on the left. I have always believed that a sign of the right's emergence as the political majority will be when you start seeing really good conservative satire. We have started but there is a lot more out there that needs to be ridiculed.


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