Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Ceasing Food and Fluid Can Be Painless

Hey, let's starve this guy to death. If starvation if pretty much painless than why not have it as an option for executing prisoners. It would save the state money for last meals and drugs for lethal injections. No one person would be responsible for the death so there is no possibility of fellings of guilt later on for the executioner.

But medical experts say going without food and water in the last days and weeks of life is as natural as death itself. The body is equipped with its own resources to adjust to death, they say.

See, going without food and water is natural especially in the last weeks of life. Time to get in touch with our representatives and get this law on the books. Now that we have the liberals on record saying death by starvation can be '...quite blissful and euphoric.'


Is this fair? You be the judge, I just thought it was a really good photoshop.

I was trying to think of this movie because this whole situation seems so similar. Let's hope it turns out as well:

An extremely non-religious friend of mine told me today that this all reminded him of the movie, The Seventh Sign - remember the last sign? The death of innocence? I think the Bible actually refers to it as "Martyrdom." But the movie manifested this as the execution of a retarded kid that wound up being the straw that broke the camel's back and lead to the coming of the apocalypse.

Bookworm points to Steyn on Schiavo.

Dusty questions what is driving this story.

Pluto's Dad finds humor in the contradiction of euphoric starvation:

Researchers Discover More Pain Means More Euphoria

Scott B. points out that this case is not open and shut. Michael's testimony about Terri's wishes is hearsay.


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