Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Happy International Woman's Day

I almost forgot, this is a big holliday in Russia and most of the world for that matter. My wife forgives me for some of the cultural snafus that invariably pop up. She understands because I told her that it is not traditional for American men to give women flowers and gifts on important hollidays or birthdays. But I try and remember because I am thoughtful. As she says, "Bunny, you are my best husband." Imagine that being said in a Russian accent. Gives you goosebumps, doesn't it? I subscribe to the Walter Williams school of gift giving. Practical is best. My wife likes clothes and makeup. We compromise so she gets clothes and makeup and she pretends to be excited when I buy a vacuum cleaner.

When I was a kid on a Mother's day or Father's day, I can't remember, I asked my parents why isn't there a kid's day. They said because everyday was kid's day. That is the way I feel about my wife, she makes everyday Bill day. So I took my wife and her mother out to dinner and then to the mall to shop. She is very happy and I have another year to forget this holliday.


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