Thursday, March 24, 2005


On the Border

Michelle Malkin has been blogging about the southern border problem and a has an interesting post about the Minutemen Project (site was not accessible at time of posting). While I like their stated purpose:

We will seal the border by our presence, but will not violate anyone's civil rights, and will not abuse anyone from any country. By legal means we will observe ILLEGAL immigrants on trails heading north. We will alert border patrol to the location of illegals, and wait for USBP to come and pick them up. We will follow illegal aliens from a distance and continue spotting them until authorities answer our cell phone and/or back-pack radio calls. All spotting, calls for assistance, and the response from the appropriate authorities will be chronicled and provided to any media representative.

I think there is a line they need to be careful not to cross. If only everyone would respect such lines. Bush opposes the Project but has nothing to say about the problem. I'm not sure what he is hoping to gain by ignoring it. I don't think it is as simple as the hispanic vote.

Also, it seems some are protesting the Project. I wonder if they are volunteers.

Bill C: Here is a video of Malkin talking about the border and the gang, MS-13, on Fox.

Also, if you want to volunteer for something, how about this.


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