Thursday, March 10, 2005


Palestinians accuse Israel of foot-dragging on peace

Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas boards his car in Ramallah. Israel insisted that Syria was to blame for a Tel Aviv suicide attack as a car packed with explosives was discovered in the West Bank, casting a shadow over efforts to forge peace in the Middle East.

Why do the Palestinians think they can continue to play both sides? In part, it has to be because the west, and the US is guilty of this, continues the charade that the Palestinians are a coherent government which can be trusted to hold up its side of the bargain.

Israeli officials had been sceptical Wednesday when Palestinian national security advisor Jibril Rajub said all militant factions were ready to stop attacks. Jihad and Hamas had distanced themselves from the informal truce.

"As long as Palestinian terrorist groups are not disarmed and dismantled, they constitute a threat," said one senior official with no official confirmation from the militant groups themselves.

They have the wall. Why not let the Israeli people take their time to consider whether the Palestinians are worthy of being partners in peace?

The idea from the photo came from something I saw on Allahpundit, may he be blest, in which John Kerry's mirror image was replaced with Jimmy Carter. Allah, the world is a darker place without you.


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