Saturday, March 12, 2005


Putdown of the week

A good chuckle from Chris Matthews via Occam's Toothbrush via Viking Pundit.

Mathews: Bob, could you have been wrong about the war in Iraq, that maybe it is the stimulating influence That HAS led to all this democracy breaking out in that region?

BOB SHRUM, FORMER KERRY CAMPAIGN SENIOR ADVISER: Well, sure, we all could have been wrong. But let‘s be clear that the reason that we went to war in Iraq, according to the president, was weapons of mass destruction.

I think we have to be very careful of instant history and absolute causality. I think what‘s happening today has many, many causes, I think seeing the Ukrainians, for example, rising up. I also think we have to be very careful of doing a victory dance while the battle is still on.


MATTHEWS: There‘s snow on the ground in New York, Bob? Do you think it is as a result of there being a snowfall?


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