Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The Secret Life of Giuliana Sgrena

You would have to feel sorry for Ms. Sgrena considering all that she has been through. Her life has been full of tragedy recently and it is good to know she is back in her native country making up stuff about the US military targetting her for death. So according to the MSM this whole affair has caused a rift between the US and Italy which I am sure pains Giuliana and the rest of the anti-US moonbats greatly.

At least justice triumphed in the end:

"Hopefully, the money will be used to buy many IEDs. Because unwanted pregnancy is a problem in Iraq, and the women need birth control, since Bush will probably make abortion illegal when he runs Iraq."

P.S. Can you guess which movie and children's book I referenced in the photo? If you can, don't go to that movie because it stinks eventhough Jennifer Garner is hot.


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