Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Some additions to the blogroll

I have added three more blogs which i am sure you will enjoy.

Viking Pundit is a right leaning site with an inquiring mind and a sense of humor. He would be much funnier if he put us on his blogroll. No pressure.

Conservative Cat is a cat who had a great idea of putting together a daily compendium of G/PG rated conservative and non-political humor. He decided to graciously link to one of my particularly funny (but aren't they all) posts. So I linked to him. I guess that makes me easy. I don't care. CC has a whole lot going on at his site which I haven't delved into but if have something you want to submit, go to this page and click on the carnival submission link.

Jackson's Junction is another great idea that I thought of but somebody else implemented. Trey Jackson comments on then links to various news and opinion shows. You click on the link and watch the show. Simple and brilliant. Plus it gives people like me who have limited access to TV in the US a chance to catch up on the talking heads.

Dusty's site has had a makeover and is looking good. All sorts of categorized folders making it easy to find interesting links. I am jealous of your blogging power.


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