Friday, March 11, 2005


The status-quo community

Jonah Goldberg's piece on NRO does an excellent job of defining the problem liberals face when trying to fit the Middle East into their weltenschauung. Goldberg calls it myopia which is a polite way of saying pigheaded. I don't know if you have noticed that whenever reality intrudes on some key liberal tenet they take some time to reformulate and then return with the answer which gives the United States the least amount of credit (most amount of blame). But sometimes there is a moment of honesty* out there and the recent spat of "Could Bush be right" articles (Hat tip: BotW) is a good example of both some honesty mixed with some dissembling.

I was pointed to an interview on Democracy Now! by a liberal friend. If you are not familiar with this radio show it is hosted by a leftist named Amy Goodman. In the above link the guests on the show are Steve Cook of the CFR, Rahul Mahajan an independent journalist and Farid Ghadry co-founder of the Reform Party of Syria. Fair and balanced with 3 leftists and someone who is happy with President Bush's efforts. Cook begins the show with the canard that the size of the pro-Syrian rally in Lebanon shows that Large amount of Syrians support the occupation to which Ghadry replied:

I disagree with the notion that most of the people yesterday were Lebanese. I think we have heard and we know for a fact that the Syrian-Lebanese borders were open yesterday. There was a great flow of cars coming in from Syria. We know that they have been -- they have been told -- the Syrian laborers in Lebanon have been told to join that march, and there are up to a million laborers in Lebanon, and many of them have joined that, so there are a lot of Syrians amongst the people that you have seen yesterday on TV. And the other thing that we have to keep in mind is that the Hezbollah ordered its militants to show up with their families. So they had no choice.

Later Ghadry talks about the myopia that effects the left and how it is harmful to the inhabitants of the Middle East.

What we have to believe -- what we have to understand here is that this is a president who is on the cutting edge of what needs to be done to stop terrorism. Yet there is a whole machine out there in Washington that is not there yet. You have 46,000 employees at the U.S. State Department, countless other employees in different agencies, that don't see eye to eye with the President, because they have been in the business of supporting dictatorship over the last 30 and 40 years. So the President is on the avant-garde. He is pressing these buttons, and you’re gonna see in the next few months that all of these organizations are gonna rally around him, and they will support what he is supporting. And you are going to see that this will have a tremendous effect on the Middle East.

Mahajan retorts that the Bush administration has not really supported democracy. That it really is about American Hegemony. Again, it is all about not giving any credit to Bush's Foreign Policy. Ghadry responded:

I am really amazed at when I hear when people like Rahul talk. I mean, here they are shooting down democracy in Afghanistan, calling it occupation, shooting down democracy in Iraq, when 8 million people showed up. That amazed even European allies, have stood the ground and have said maybe the President is right. And under the cover that these are regimes that are occupied, and the United States is trying to bring hegemony, I don't understand what is the -- what is so hegemonic about a word such as anti-oppression.

The problem for the left is how to frame what is happening in the Middle East in their minds and the cognitive dissonance that results when the people who want to be free don't appreciate the need not to credit the evil chimp, Bushitler. Listen to the whole interview and the one that follows which should remove all doubt why John Bolton is the right man for the U.N.

*My observation that liberals, who drink of the cup of anti-Americanism, sometimes see the world without the clouding effect of that hatred.


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