Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The U.N. wants to govern the internet

Power grab demonstrates threat to freedom UN poses

The unaccountable, corrupt orgainzation which believes its a prospective world government actually thinks it should wield power over ordinary commerce and people's everyday lives:
The International Telecommunication Union is one of the most venerable of bureaucracies. Created in 1865 to facilitate telegraph transmissions, its mandate has expanded to include radio and telephone communications.

But the ITU enjoys virtually no influence over the Internet. That remains the province of specialized organizations such as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN; the Internet Engineering Task Force; the World Wide Web Consortium; and regional address registries.

The ITU, a United Nations agency, would like to change that. "The whole world is looking for a better solution for Internet governance, unwilling to maintain the current situation," Houlin Zhao, director of the ITU's Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, said last year. Zhao, a former government official in China's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, has been in his current job since 1999.
Via Captain Ed, who gets it right:
All one needs to do is to look around the General Assembly to understand which government rules will get "more respected". The UN mostly consists of dictatorships and autocracies, which have little use for the free speech and open information that the Internet provides people all over the world. A free Internet threatens their power and their oppressive regimes. Nothing would please them more than to get their hands on the engines of the Internet in order to suppress the information that would inspire their subjects to throw off their shackles and claim freedom for themselves.

Let me put it to all in this light. Will we trust the same organization that put Libya and Cuba in charge of human rights and Syria in charge of counterterrorism to manage the Internet and safeguard free speech?
The internet is now vital to the functioning of the US economy. It also plays an incresingly important role in our election process. As long as there isn't a Clinton in the White House, the notion that the US will cede anyone - especially a Chinese Communist - any power to influence the US economy or electoral process is ridiculous. This absurd power grab should be quashed immediately. It is further proof of the danger the UN poses to the concept of freedom and another in a lengthening list of reasons that the UN should be destroyed.


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