Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Was Bush right after all?

When push has come to shove in the Middle East before, the US has invariably sided with the devil it knows, true to the philosophy: "He may be a sonofabitch, but at least he's our sonofabitch." Will this President Bush be as good as his soaring words on that icy morning in January? Lebanon may provide the first test.

I know there have been those on the right side of this who have questioned President Bush's Wilsonian, righteous ideology that is his foreign policy post-9/11. But what else can bring crowds of people together in the face of tyranny and demand their freedom? It must be even more difficult to be on the left standing athwart history yelling stop at this time. You have my sympathy. Really. Honest. Because there are liberals who realize that it is their best interest to see the jihadis and dictators lose as well as those who are just beginning to realize it and those who might never understand. I have seen an almost conversion-like realization among some of the liberals that I know, lately. This is good for the U.S. because we cannot survive as a nation if a large minority of our population wants to see our military fail in its mission in Iraq.

So it this the time to lighten up on the sarcasm? Heck no, the TPs are losing some of their more thoughtful followers but that does not mean that they are going away. There are still plenty of lefties who say that recent events have nothing to do with President Bush's foreign policy. Yes, it is ridiculous but they are the doomsday cultists whose day of reckoning has passed without the spaceship taking them to heaven. What is there to do but drink more kool-aid.


Bookworm reminds us that this year resembles 1848.

My response to Bookworm which I put in the comment section of the post I linked to:

I think humanity moves in the direction of liberty over time. We have periods when it seems like the world will rip itself apart but free societies are more attractive to human beings. I don't believe that democracy is the state of nature to which all societies would automatically revert. Machiavelli thought democracy was the best form of gov't but he lamented that democracies were not quick to recognize threats to their existence. Also, democracy has internal conflicts which threaten to pull society towards factionalism. (see Mancur Olson's The Rise and Decline of Nations) However, we should be optimistic because the momentum is in the right direction. That is until the BIRD FLU GETS US. AAaaaaahhhhh!


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