Monday, March 14, 2005


Watch the Border

Al-Zarqawi laments the lack of willing martyrs and reveals troubling plans for the U.S.

Time magazine reports on information coming out of interrogations from captured jihadis in Iraq:

Al-Zarqawi's aide also revealed that his boss, after pondering the absence of attacks in the U.S. in recent years, concluded that a lack of "willing martyrs" was to blame.

The left has often said that Iraq will be a "terror breeding ground" when it has in fact it is a terrorist killing zone. Young men filled with hate have only come to Iraq to meet the world's most advanced army. It has not been pretty. However, all the news is not good.

The bulletin also notes the Iraq-based master terrorist's apparent belief that "if an individual has enough money, he can bribe his way into the U.S.," specifically by obtaining a "visa to Honduras" and then traveling across Mexico and the southern U.S. border.
In Tom Clancy's The Teeth of the Tiger terrorists cross over the Mexican border with the help of a 'mule' who does not question the purpose of their trip. They then proceed to turn a shopping mall into a bloodbath. In my previous post I noted that the Democrats could make inroads with disgruntled Republicans who favor greater control of our borders. If an attack occurred that involved terrorists who crossed the Mexican border the Democrats would lay the blame on President Bush and they would be right to do so. The Republicans need to realize a secure border is not an issue which will hurt their chances with the Hispanic community if it is presented as a security measure. Better to start this now before events force action.


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