Saturday, April 23, 2005


Being Jewish in England

Bookworm has a post linking to the Jerusalem Post talking about a boycott of of Israeli Academics in Britain. It reminded me of this article I saw on Living in Moscow I have contact with a lot of Europeans and I get a chance to discuss politics on occasion. Of course, once I make my opinions known I usually am accused of being brainwashed by right-wing media or of being a holy roller, Jesus lover. I should say that not all Euro types are ragging moonbats but a whole lot more than I have met in Chicago. And that is saying something because I lived in the heart of bluest Chicago, the North Side, where the white wine flows freely and the brie is always soft.

I think their is a good deal of projection going on with the Euros who assume that I am the one being fed a steady diet of biased information and I only need to open my eyes to the real world. After saying this they usually ask if I have heard of Noam Chomsky. I actually had someone tell me to stop watching CNN International because it was too biased to the right. Try keeping a straight face when you hear that. During my first 7 or so months in Moscow I only had access CNN International, BBC, Euronews and Sky News. In that line up CNN International is actually pretty far right. Given what I have seen I think Europe may be too far gone. At least their elites seem to be drinking from the same cup as the moonbats in the U.S. In this atmosphere it is not surprising that anti-semitism is raising its ugly head.

Update: Bookworm has more and I agree with her, it makes me sick. And to answer her question from the comments, I really can't believe that the radical left has hitched its wagon to the Islamist cause. How far does enemy of my enemy go before a political alliance is ridiculous? Don't answer that, we are seeing the result today.


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