Monday, April 18, 2005


Eyes on the Ball News has moved

Yes, our funny friend from Chicago has his own domain. (One of the handful of consevative improvisers in the universe) Enjoy great satire like:

Pacifists For Tyranny Deface Medal Of Honor Monument

Peace activists defaced the Medal of Honor Memorial in Indianapolis last week, taking credit for the action was Bob Ostrich, president of Pacifists For Tyranny. Bob explained his reasoning to us:

"War is bad. I'd rather not be free to say these things, than to have to actually fight for my freedom. Someone might get hurt! After all if you don't fight evil, it won't bother fighting back. Obviously no one will get killed if we refuse to fight!

"Look at the millions dying now in Zimbabwe, or people in Venezuela now. None of them have to die. If we stopped encouraging people to fight tyranny then they wouldn't die! Is freedom really worth more than your life? Quality of life is not important, unless you're retarded or ill, then you are better off dead. But dying for freedom?

"That is why we had to deface the memorial. Because all those men were wrong and evildoers. They could have resisted, gone to Canada, but they did not. Which makes them just as guilty as our Right wing leaders. When will our nation realize how bad and selfish we are and start listening to the rest of the world?

"Give us liberty or give us tyranny!"


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