Monday, April 25, 2005


The Gospel according to the liberal, secular elite

The Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) is heading the way of the Dodo and they only have themselves to blame

As I have pointed out before in two posts, I think the ECUSA is in deep trouble because Episcopalians of conscience are moving to establish their own church. If you are interested in keeping up with the details of this schism I highly recommend the website run by David Virtue, virtueonline. This site chronicle's the political battles that are involved in a schism and are fascinating even if you are not interested in the underlying reasons behind them. Virtueonline has a section for satire but they cannot compete with what is really happening within the church today:

TURNING TO THE US THIS WEEK, another parish in Montgomery, Alabama has split from the diocese and the national church after taking about all it could from Bishop Henry Parsley. The 1,600-member Church of the Ascension told the bishop enough was enough and they have left with more than 80 per cent of the congregation. Last week the Rev. John Michael Van Dyke, rector of the Church was told by the bishop he could not speak to an adult Bible class about the state of the Episcopal Church. The rector complied and now he has taken most of his congregation and fled the apostate bishop and formed a new parish in the Anglican Communion called "Christchurch." The new parish will meet at a Montgomery Presbyterian church until a permanent location is found. This is the second time in less than six months a Montgomery Episcopal church has split from the national church over its appointment of an openly gay bishop.

And in the DIOCESE OF ALABAMA a new twist in what is euphemistically called the "Discernment" process took place this week. A VirtueOnline reader wrote to say that he was told by a person wanting to work through the discernment process that as part of their "experiences" they are required to visit "gay bars" so that they will better understand the gays in potential parishes. "I just can't imagine why/how being hit on by gays in a bar could possibly make someone a better priest," he wrote. Another question might be what sort of gospel these new priests have to proclaim to gays. One doubts they have any. Inclusion is not the gospel, redemption is.

And in the DIOCESE OF NEWARK, their ultra liberal bishop John Croneberger is stepping down because his wife is ill. The diocese is in free fall with some 30-40 parishes ready to close. His replacement will be just as revisionist, you can be sure, Louie Crew will see to that. A woman priest in the diocese told VirtueOnline that Croneberger has three gay children which must be depressing enough in itself. The revisionist bishop voted to approve the election of V. Gene Robinson, spoke out against the war in Iraq and recently refused to enact a moratorium on blessing same-sex couples - even though other U.S. bishops had agreed to the temporary ban.

AND TO ADD yet another arrow to a mortally wounded church, a communique from a pro-life organization, the American Life League, says that the nation's largest abortion chain has invited Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson to keynote an interfaith prayer breakfast at Planned Parenthood's annual conference in Washington this month. In an interview with Planned Parenthood, Robinson said, "We encourage our folks to take this very private issue seriously. We urge them to talk to their priests about it and to think through all the questions they might have. And then we absolutely stand behind a woman's right to choose." He added a plug for Planned Parenthood's "extraordinarily fine work."

And in the DIOCESE OF CONNECTICUT, the pain is being ratcheted up on the six orthodox priests who have defied their revisionist bishop Andrew Smith. This week six retired orthodox bishops wrote to Smith telling him exactly what they think of his actions. You can read that in today's digest. Smith is threatening them with inhibition and deposition because they refuse to toe the pansexual line he demands of them.

One wonders how, every time The Episcopal Church falls on its sword, it manages to miss a vital organ; perhaps the idea is to have a slow painful death with accumulated wounds.
While reading these accounts of life within the church I was a bit sceptical, at first. They are so over the top as to make one wonder what could the leadership of the ECUSA be thinking? Are they trying to drive people away? Is their goal a church of leftists who toe the line on political and moral questions like homosexuality? And you know what, I think that is exactly what they want. Leftists are self-righteous to the point that they do not tolerate opinions that are not completely in agreement with their worldview. All that is left is for orthodox Anglicans/Episcopalians to realize that they either accept what they are being feed or leave. In my opinion, what is left is a fight over assets. The ECUSA or what is left of it can have their new "church" and the orthodox will have the people. It is just a question of who keeps the keys to the building.

John O adds: I hope nobody fights them over those old Tampa Bay Buccaneer creamcycle vestments.


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