Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Mexican Politics

Instability ahead?

A.M. Mora y Leon describes the effect Mexico's migration policy is having on that country:
As a substitute for reform, Fox encouraged Mexicans to skip over the border to the US, to take up life as illegal aliens - and send dollars back to Mexico. Ten percent of Mexican voters now live in the US legally or illegally, but they account for fifty percent of Mexico's purchasing power.

...there are whole villages whose only residents are women and children - all of the men have gone to the US to work illegally - so the children grow up fatherless. This is a huge price to pay just to get a job. No one should be driven by circumstances to do this. And to have a cynical government encouraging this kind of life so it can benefit by the dollar remittances, which beef up foreign exchange reserves and permit the government to finance itself without having to worry about growing the tax base, is an outrage.
Mexico's real problem, of course, is a lack of political reform. Mora y Leon says this is angering the electorate and could "easily lead to civil unrest, something which may be even worse than a Hugo Chavez at our border."


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