Monday, April 18, 2005


Наши (Nashi) vow to Fight Liberals, Bureaucrats

The new Putin youth movement is named the Nashi which translates to Us. That's right, the Nashis are the Putin youth. No irony there!

According to Stanislav Belkovsky, a political analyst:

It was created to unite tough youth -- such as soccer fans -- who are fit for street fighting and who could face off against other youth gatherings in the street...

...This [Nashi] is an organization of young fighters, a preventive measure against a possible Orange Revolution in Russia.

That sound you here is the sound of bags packing. Apparently fighting fascism involves acting like fascists. At least the Russian sense of humor hasn't been effected.

Delegates on Friday elected five "commissars" -- including Yakemenko -- to serve on Nashi's governing body, the federal council, and the commissars faced mocking questions at a news conference. "Are your parents aware that you are here?" one reporter said, prompting loud laughter.

"Of course my parents know," Mikhail Kulikov said, and his fellow commissars replied affirmatively.

Scraps of Moscow


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