Friday, April 29, 2005


Rachel Popkin delenda est

I noticed a large number of hits coming from so I went there to find out if someone linked to us. (Normally I would go to and searched our site but I was lazy) I visited the site and kept running across this message:
The dangers of googling yourself...

I guess the moral of this story is that the limelight comes at a price. Oy. Next time, I'm protesting with a checkboard sign. We'll see what they do to that.
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Take a look for yourself. Apparently Rachel did a vanity search for her name and found this link to a photoshop I did not too long ago. A commentator made the observation that this was obviously not personal and since I created the photoshop I concur. However, now it is. Rachel Popkins must be stopped.
Cammermeyer was brought to Harvard in part by the efforts of Rachel K. Popkin ’08, a member of the BGLTSA and co-chair of the BGLTS Person of the Year Award Committee. Popkin’s high school Gay-Straight Alliance faculty adviser knew Cammermeyer, and put them in touch.
Clearly, Popkins is getting too famous for her own good. (And what does the T stand for, oh, nevermind) I see a bloated ego feed by undeserved attention in the glaring spotlight which is Brain Droppings. Hubris, Rachel, is your crime. Spreading your visage in a mistaken attempt to gather sympathy from your fellow Ivy Leagers (I don't care if that is mispelled because I only went to a MOST competitive school) who will bleed real tears of embarrassment for poor Rachel. (Notice I put that aside in about spelling 'cause I am too lazy to spell check this post at 1:43 pm in Moscow) Tak, that is "so" in Russian. Feeling inferior, yet. Tak, I have some more embarrassing info for you elitist (and this definitely is not personal in case any of you figure out who I am and interview me for a job in the future) Harvard types. Rachel did a vanity search shortly after this picture first appeared and she visited our site. (Someone from Harvard searched for "Rachel Popkin" and followed the link to our site) Sooooo, or Takkkk, Rachel has, maybe, known about her picture on this site for a while. However bad this looks well, it is up to you.

Rachel, if you are a student at Harvard, or any college because I have discovered in my 37 years that educations and intellects can be wasted, stop condemning anyone who questions if the differences between men and women are genetic or societal or some mixture of the the two. It is anti-intellectual to protest this line of inquiry. We do not know and so we should not refuse to argue this issue even if feminists would like to Dworkin this question. Please. One of the reasons I moved to Russia is to get away from women who made the personal political and I am hoping that I can save you from leading a bitter, bile-filled life as a advocate for a issues that have yet to be resolved.

Pax, Bill C

P.S. Rachel, you are hot.


Rachel found us and her response is full of all the snarky sarcasm you would expect of a sophomore:
I'm glad someone out there cares enough to "save [me] from leading a bitter, bile-filled life as a advocate for a issues that have yet to be resolved." After reading this comment, at first I was bitter and, one might say, bile-filled. But then I realized the truth: I've been wasting my time working on issues that haven't yet been resolved. Clearly, what I should have been doing all along is advocating issues that have already been resolved!

Bill C, how can I thank you for the enormous impact you've had on this "desperately lonely feminist?" Really, tell me - I'm in your debt
How about this for an issue? Anyone who protests against studying a question because their ideology demands that certain premises should never be questioned is wasting their time in college. I am extremely disappointed in your attitude because what you are doing is trying to silence Larry Summers for merely suggesting that genetic differences in intellect between men and women be studied. Is your ideology so weak that you cannot stand these questions being raised? Doesn't this situation remind you of anything?


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