Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Terry Nichols' weapons cache

A mob boss' tip may lead the FBI to link Nichols with al Qaeda

Bryan Preston is right. This looks like big news.

The many unresovled mysteries surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing have always troubled me. Like Mr. Preston, I have always wondered about Nichols' travels to the Philippines in the months prior to the bombing. Though his then-wife was from Cebu City, he apparently didn't travel there to visit her relatives. At least once, he was in Cebu City (possibly on the same college campus) at the same time as Ramsi Yousef. Lots of other circumstantial evidence points to links between Nichols/McVeigh and al Qaeda. When one adds to all of this our subsequent knowledge about the nature and extent of al Qaeda's activities in this country at the time and considers that known al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla very much resembles the sketch of Oklahoma City bombing suspect John Doe #2, whom the FBI mysteriously stopped looking for, it's not far fetched to conclude that the Clinton administration seriously - and maybe intentionally - botched the investigation.


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