Friday, May 20, 2005


Al Jazeera won't show Hussein in his underwear

For the same reasons US media censor certain barbaric images

Al Jazeera has refused to show pictures of Saddam Hussein clad only in his underwear.
Jihad Ballout, a spokesman for the Al-Jazeera network, said his network did not show the pictures because it had ethical and professional concerns.

"The photo is demeaning to Iraqis," he said, adding that "from the professional side, it is not news."
Via John Hinderaker:
It's nice to know that Al Jazeera has "ethical and professional concerns." I hadn't noticed that before, especially when they were showing videos of Westerners having their heads cut off, or photos of captured and dead American soldiers.
It seems Al Jazeera's "professional and ethical concerns" are limited to the creation and dissemination of propaganda promoting their own twisted world view. With their accompanying captions, the following pictures are from Al Jazeera's English language report about the Hussein underwear photos:

Al Jazeera Pentagon
The US military says it will
investigate the incident

Al Jazeera Saddam
Photos of captured Saddam
Hussein caused controversy

Al Jazeera Saddam rally
There were mixed feelings about
the photos among Iraqis

Al Jazeera Bush
President Bush is said to have
supported a thorough probe

These pictures and captions have nothing to do with the substance of the story. Their purpose is to distort reality and/or convey an adverse image of the US. The US military is portrayed as disconcerted and defensive. A disheveled Hussein looks too confused and harmless for photos of him to be considered controversial. The photo of what appears to be a pro Saddam rally certainly doesn't suggest mixed emotions among Iraqis. And an angry faced President Bush, with the American flag as the backdrop, looks as if he is poised to perform a mock decapitation.

What Al Jazeera does is merely an extreme version of what most members the American media do: It produces and disseminates propaganda; any information or image that doesn't comport with its peculiar world view - one which is alarmingly similar to that which is dominant in the American media - is simply excluded or ignored.


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