Wednesday, May 18, 2005


The Chapin Nation is now the Daily Cause

I am proud to say that The Chapin Nation has changed its name to the Daily Cause and that I am contributor to this brave, new venture. Watch for more changes to this site and visit the sponsor of the Daily Cause,, for issues relating to men's rights and much more.

The Daily Cause! An Explanation.
Some of you undoubtedly noticed that the name atop the blog has been renamed from Chapin Nation to The Daily Cause. This was done for a variety of reasons.
1. We wanted to take Harry Chapin's name off the blog for good as there are no more cats or silver spoons for us to trade in for additional funding.
2. We hope to inspire a liberal blog to copy our name and emulate us in the frantic search for subject matter and discussion. You can do it Mulva!
3. The rumors about a Gus led coup d'etat have been overstated. Gus is a busy man and, after the mistake in Venezuela, is not in the mood for anymore military action before the end of the decade. As for Pete Mayer's dog becoming the new editor, this is a possibility but the dog has not yet learned QWERTY so I believe he can be outmanuevered by my speedier keystrokes.
4. All the old-timers like Yakov, Gus, Pete, and Polish Knight are here but now we have stunning new brothers like Bill C, Baron Waste, Denis, and Steven B. along for the ride. You'll get even better entertainment and that's a noble cause indeed.
Thanks for being here!

Also, check out the latest installment of Gangsta Island. Our hero Bernard seems to have finally had enough of the psychotic Principal Bobbi Sue Chin. Read about what pushes him over the edge.


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