Tuesday, May 31, 2005



The Right Place is putting together a Donktionary in order to "aid Conservatives, Republicans and Independents everywhere in more fully understanding the political debate in modern-day America." (Via Polipundit.) I thought I'd contribute the following entries:

ACCOUNTABLILITY: A concept uniquely applicable domestically to Republican presidents and globally to the United States.

ACTIVIST: Disaffected malcontent; selfish, self absorbed pain in the ass. Motivated to 'do something' out of spite/malice or a burning desire for personal fulfillment rather than an ambition to actually help people or advance a given cause in any way.

CHECKS AND BALANCES: Policy of political gridlock employed in the Senate to stop change and frustrate the outcome of repeated elections. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the constitutional structure of our federal government.

Fundraising source for Clinton Presidency, rather than an oppressive, conniving, despotic, corrupt, murderous dictatorship morphing into a fascist regime that spies on the US and is currently arming itself at a rapid pace with American technology for the express purpose of killing Americans. A Democratic Party ally.

CNN: American equivalent of al Jazeera. Reality TV known to show America in the least favorable light possible and to disseminate propaganda for dictators free of charge.

EXIT STRATEGY: Prematurely quit, abandon or somehow give up on a course of action.

FAILURE: Any policy with which the left disagrees that doesn't show immediate reslults.

FAIR: Extortive.

An entity known for intensely scrutinizing US actions, especially the treatment of terrorists in its custody, but which generally ignores the behavior of Leftist governments. See Activist above.

ILLEGITIMATE: Any outcome contrary to Leftist dogma.

LEGITIMATE: Bestowed on any outcome that comports with Leftist dogma or receives the sanction of an unelected, unaccountable 'international body.'

MAINSTREAM: Leftist dogma.

Unattainable by Republicans with a majority of the popular vote; 43% of the popular vote required for Democrats to claim one.


Criminal mastermind who deserves a fair trial before an international tribunal rather than a terrorist psychopath who deserves swift, American style military justice.

NEGOTIATE: Appease or capitulate, especially to terrorists.


QUAGMIRE: War during a Republican administration.

RIGHTS: Something bestowed upon people by benevolent courts.

SUPPORT: Undermine, demoralize.

TRUTH: Bad news; Good news is US propaganda.

UNILATERAL: Any US policy not supported by France.

Politically erotic reality TV for delusional Liberals.

WORLD OPINION: Determined by UN bureaucrats appointed by corrupt/unelected despots with support from their allies in the EU and in the global media.


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